We are proud to introduce our newest partner, Champagne Velcarat

Velcarat is a modern champagne brand, inspired by women with a mission to create a champagne that accompanies your successes and celebrates every moment of life with you.

Read our interview with Velcarat and learn more about this beautiful brand! 

Please introduce Velcarat Champagne to us in a few sentences:

A modern, committed champagne.

Velcarat is the association of two women, Flore & Zoé. Our mission is to create a champagne that accompanies your success and celebrates every moment of your life. Our promise is to offer wines that are as good as they are beautiful and responsible.

What inspired you to create Velcarat Champagne?

Passion, the desire to create something new, to be an entrepreneur, to break the mould, and the desire to share a wonderful adventure that reflects who we are with all those who follow us.

Our values: success - modernity - responsibility - passion.

A little anecdote: Velcarat is a contraction of two rose names. For vineyards, the rose is synonymous with protection (It is placed around the vines to prevent disease and to treat the vines in good time).

For the general public, it is a symbol of femininity. It's also the name of Zoé's grandmother and her favourite flower.

Like a vineyard passed down from generation to generation, from father to son, the hidden symbol of the rose sets the scene for tradition and renewal, from mother to daughter.

If you had to choose one champagne or wine from the collection, which one would it be and why?

L'Authentique Brut, appreciated for its citrus notes combined with a subtle finish of white flowers. Its freshness and fine bubbles are perfect for an aperitif or a festive atmosphere.

Where can people try and buy Velcarat Champagne?

For the moment, we're working with professionals, mainly in the events sector.

Our vintages are available on our website. We are currently developing our sales outlets in Paris, so we hope to be able to share our partner cellars and delicatessens with you soon! We are in Paris and available to meet you!

Do you have any exciting plans for the rest of 2024 that you would like to share?

New projects, great collaborations, mixology workshops, a back-to-school event, a special Christmas offer, and above all a lot of preparation for 2025, which looks promising!

Do you have any advice for those who wish to start their own business?

My advice would be to never make your job a job.

When I was a little girl, success meant making lots of money. As my projects progressed, I realised that the real wealth comes from doing what you love.

That way, the hard knocks don't seem so hard, and the victories are truly and profoundly beautiful!

What inspired you to partner with Luxury Sparkle?

The products are of superb quality, they look good and smell good. The world promoted on social networks immediately spoke to us.

The eco-responsibility aspect was an obvious choice for us.

And our meeting with Kirri! She's an incredible, warm woman who inspires us a lot.

Discover the new, beautiful Velcarat Authentique Brut Luxury Scented Candle here.


Hubert de Givenchy