Luxury Sparkle Founder

A magical quote above from our Founder that we love! Fragrance can transport us to some place else. To the places that speak to our memory and to return us to places that trigger our senses.

After many wonderful moments spent in vineyards around the world and relocating from Australia to Europe, our Founder combined two of her most favourite things. Exquisite, high quality candles with fine French wine. Luxury Sparkle was born.

Born in Orange, Australia, a stunning wine region. Childhood was spent outdoors in the countryside with loads of space and freedom. Finishing school and then attending university on the Gold Coast to study International Finance with an exciting and fruitful career in financial services just around the corner! An opportunity to go and live in Japan presented itself and 18 months was spent in Kobe, Japan. The taste for life as an expat begun! After this wonderful chapter, many years of working in financial services in Brisbane and Sydney and travelling around the nation resulted in some fabulous roles and a stable career path.

As an avid runner, Kirri travelled to Japan to run a marathon in Kobe. After the marathon, her now husband was on a train, they met and the rest is history. Leaving behind a 17 year career in financial services and transitioning to the other side of the world for love was a big part of the Luxury Sparkle story! Coming from a completely different industry with barely any knowledge and no relationships meant there was a lot of work ahead. First came testing the market to see if there was demand for this type of product, building relationships with the champagne maisons and French wineries, sourcing suppliers for the candle production and packaging and identifying the logistics partners. All the while building the website, creating content, putting a marketing strategy together and identifying markets where the product will be a success. This didn't all come together without a few things going wrong along the way, but this is where the lessons are! Rest assured, things will always go wrong and it is how we deal with those things that give us the lessons and make us more resilient! 

We asked Kirri for her top three learnings or key moments along the way and she responded with:

'Make the most of where you are right now. Life is not a plan, things can change quickly but when opportunities present themselves, do it and work the rest out later'

'Never compromise on quality. Quality gives us a sense of something beautiful and something special. Do things right even when no one is looking'

'If there is something or anything that you really want, GO FOR IT! Life is short. The worst that can happen is that something doesn't work out. The lessons from that are something you cannot learn from a textbook. If you need to pivot or change direction there is absolutely nothing wrong with that'

We hope her story of how Luxury Sparkle was born inspires you to do something wonderful for yourself. If that is to light your favourite candle, sip on your favourite wine, go outside in the fresh air, start studying something new or start a business, go for it! With Kirri's depth and breadth of experience she also mentors professional women. Do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything we may be able to support you with. You can also meet her if you come along to one of our wonderful events!

Make your dreams come true. 

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