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Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would be launching this business in the middle of a pandemic, but here we are. We are proud to say that we are still here and the biggest thank you to those of you out there who have supported us through the highs and lows of this journey so far. Whenever you support a small business there is a person behind it cheering and feeling extra motivated because of you, thank you. 

A business is often made up of many different parts. From the Champagne Houses & Wineries, to our amazing photographer and ever so wonderful warehouse partner we are so very thankful for everything they do for us. It is such a team effort and we are very lucky to work with such amazing people. We would not be here if it wasn't for them.

Here are some key learnings from the past year:

1. Time

Things take time. Allow more time than you expect to get something done. In a new business it is easy to allocate a certain amount of time to a particular task and over and over again surprises come your way and you find yourself blindly navigating through the surprises to find the right solution.

2. We don't know much

We become so comfortable with what we know that we often have minimal awareness of what else is out there. Completely normal! Anyway, we have discovered that we don’t really know much! We should never stop learning. Whether it is job related or a hobby or a new language or skill that you would like to have, we highly recommend it. Often this is quite a humbling experience and one that you will most likely benefit from. There is nothing quite like walking in to a room or logging in (Covid times!) knowing that you don't know much.

3. Be prepared to pivot

Thank you Covid for hijacking our distribution plan! Often things do not go to plan, life is not a plan and nor is business. We love a good plan but it is important to be aware that when the plan is not working that you can pivot, or persevere if thats the right thing to do. 

4. Ask questions and seek feedback

We have learnt that feedback and in some cases criticism, can be your best friend. As humans we are often not great at taking this on board but when you are starting out one of the best ways to improve what you are doing is to seek feedback and ask questions. If you don't openly ask, sometimes people won't share out of fear of offending so keep an open mind. You never know what ideas people may have that could end up being really helpful in the long run. 

5. Make time for yourself

Life is now consumed by having a business and driving it for growth. Separating yourself from this can be very difficult. This can be rather counter productive though as you never allow yourself to recharge. Doing things you love and giving yourself space is so important and often this time is so good for re-energising and getting a different perspective.

6. Take a risk

Don’t doubt yourself because you haven’t done something before, embrace this and create the space to do something amazing. Whatever you have created, you have done that and that is so fabulous! No one knows the details of what you have created more than you. Be prepared to take risks and be faced with surprises. Enjoy learning something new every day. When something doesn’t quite go to plan don’t focus on that as a negative, view it as something that can help to improve what you are doing. Start Up Founder Candle Business

THANK YOU for being here and for sharing the journey with us. We are very excited to see what the next year brings!


Hubert de Givenchy