Luxury Sparkle Perfumed Candle

Ever wondered how to stay inspired at work? Long days at the desk can be exhausting and if you are really busy, it can be difficult to keep the spirits high.

We LOVE to place a luxury scented candle on our desks here at Luxury Sparkle. In fact, all of us have one! It is delightful to have the fragrance floating around the office and the candles definitely help to make our desks look gorgeous.

Once your candle has finished burning you can clean out the dreamy creamy wax that remains at the bottom and transform the empty candle form in to a fabulous office accessory and we have the following recommendations:

1. a pen holder

2. a vase

3. a water glass

4. an iced latte / coffee glass (we do not recommend hot drinks as the glass can get hot)

5. a holder for your protein bars and other snacks that are wrapped

6. office accessories eg. different sized clips

Make your desk and workspace somewhere you want to be! 


Hubert de Givenchy