We are proud to introduce our newest partner, Champagne A.D. COUTELAS

The beginnings of Coutelas Champagne were acted out in the vineyards as far back as 1809.
 Louis Victor Coutelas, a wine maker in the Champagne region, founded the Coutelas Champagne Maison.

Champagne A.D. COUTELAS luxury candle

Established at Villers-sous-Châtillon, in the heart of the Marne Valley, the Maison A.D. Coutelas champagnes are an ambassador for authenticity and tradition.

For eight generations, the Coutelas family have cultivated the art of the vine, day after day passing on a unique expertise, based on a wealth of experience, skills and passion.

The environment and the vineyards are precious, and for this reason they are managed by Maison Coutelas in a respectful and sustainable fashion through the use of organic methods.

 Luxury Sparkle Champagne Coutelas

The elegance of A.D. COUTELAS champagne has its origins in the vinification methods which combine the best of tradition and modernity.
 With the benefits of expertise and the knowledge passed on by ancestors, Damien Coutelas produces his champagnes with passion, using oak barrels and casks, as in the time of the very earliest champagnes.

We are proud to partner with this wonderful Maison to produce candles from the beautiful Origin Brut champagne bottles and labels. Discover the new and beautiful candle here.


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