Ever wondered how Mother's Day came to be? Have you also wondered why Mother's Day is on different dates all over the world? 

It is believed that there are different origins for different regions around the world. 

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According to research in the US, the idea started in America when a woman called Anna Jarvis held a small memorial service for her own mother on 12 May 1907. Soon after, most places in America were observing the day and in 1914, the US president made it a national holiday, celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

More than 50 countries around the world celebrate Mother’s Day. Many of these celebrations share the same date as the U.S. holiday, including those in Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Fiji, Netherlands, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Venezuela. These countries share similar traditions of honoring mothers with store-bought and handmade gifts, flowers, and food.

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Many Middle Eastern countries, including Egypt, Iran, Iraq, and Bahrain, celebrate Mother’s Day on March 21, the spring equinox. Egyptians started the holiday to honor the goddess seen as the ideal of motherhood. Today, Egyptian children write their mums thank-you notes and do all the household chores that day.

In France, Mother’s day is celebrated on the last Sunday of May, unless it coincides with Pentecost Day in France, then Mother’s Day is moved to the first Sunday of June. 

In France it is believed that the tradition of La Fête des Mères (Mother's Day) dates back to a 19th-century concern by the French government over low birth rates and a declining population. They crafted the idea to dedicate a day for celebrating mothers who were caring for large families, perhaps to encourage them, and others, to continue having more children. It is believed that Napoleon Bonaparte first proposed the idea in 1806, but the honorary day didn't fully exist until the 1890s.

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