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Champagne Smart X Luxury Sparkle
Champagne has been around for centuries and has developed over time. Based in Dubai, Champagne Smart is here to show you how to enjoy this magnificent gem with your family and friends by teaching you more about where it comes from. No matter what level you’re at, they will bring you more. Whether you’re a beginner or a connoisseur, Champagne Smart guarantees you’ll be able to read what’s in your glass. They will show you what you should and shouldn’t do with a bottle of champagne! With the on-demand champagne bars, they can make your celebrations even more exciting and sparkly. Champagne Smart have access to all the leading champagne Maisons and can create a menu tailored to your specific needs. Champagne Smart promises that once you’ve met them, you’ll be a champagne expert!
Find our candles available now via the Champagne Smart website.
Champagne Smart Luxury Sparkle Candles Champagne Dubai
     Reform Your Lifestyle X Luxury Sparkle  
Luxury Sparkle's Founder, Kirri, has a large passion for exercise, nutrition and all things wellness! She was invited to have a conversation with The Reform Your Lifestyle Show about what Luxury means and the parallels between her choice of lifestyle and a luxurious life! Tune in to learn more about Kirri, the why behind Luxury Sparkle and how the business was born.

'My main focusses are strength through functionality and body awareness as a trainer. However, as a holistic coach, I also extend these functions with balanced nutrition and life coaching in order to help you experience your life in its best possible way at any stage.' - Kata, Founder of Reform Your Lifestyle


Reform Your Lifestyle Show

4020 Consult  X  Luxury Sparkle
It’s no secret, the biggest asset of any business is it’s people so 4020 make your people the very core of their business. 4020 is here to drive your business success through the provision of a full suite of people strategy and recruitment activities.  Whether it be delivering highly effective recruitment, establishing a HR function or cultural enhancement projects – whatever is needed to help you win.  4020 are able to go deeper and work with clients to develop brand, marketing and business development strategy.
We love collaborating with a business where people are the passion!
4020 Consult Luxury Sparkle
BoHoLuXe  X  Luxury Sparkle
We hope you were one of the lucky ones who received the Sparkle Drop Earrings for Christmas! 
BoHoLuXe helps take the guesswork out of your daily routine with a collection of earrings that will not only compliment your skin tone, but are lightweight and hypoallergenic. They are fabulous, accessible and affordable. 
     'People will Stare. Make your earrings worth their while' - BoHoLuXe
BoHoLuXe Luxury Sparkle
Spectrum Home Loans & Finance  X  Luxury Sparkle
It's all about your financial future! Spectrum Home Loans & Finance is a market leading business ensuring a client first and tailored approach. Proudly based on the Gold Coast, Australia, Spectrum Home Loans & Finance is a team dedicated to strong values and will work closely with you to find the the right solution, whether it be for your home, a new car, a motorcycle or something else! We are proud to collaborate with Spectrum Home Loans & Finance.
Spectrum Home Loans, Luxury Sparkle, Candles, Perfect Gift
The Good Cookie Co.  X  Luxury Sparkle
Inspired by the sweetness and personalisation of the amazing cookies, Luxury Sparkle is proud to collaborate with The Good Cookie Co in Australia. We love spreading candles and cookies, after all what a great gift for those that have everything. 

The Good Cookie Co Luxury Sparkle Collaboration Cookies Candles