Limited Edition Luxury Scented Candle & Lakrids Gift Box Bundle


The perfect and most irresistible gift. The limited edition luxury scented candle and Lakrids bundle. Packaged in a beautiful white, textured gift box with a gorgeous Luxury Sparkle ribbon, ready to be gifted as is.

Where French perfumed candles meet the finest liquorice in the world. A sensory masterpiece. 

On 07.07.07 the first Lakrids by Bülow shop opened in Svaneke, Denmark. The idea was to cook the liquorice in the shop, making sure that you could smell it in a radius of 100 meters. It worked. Everything was sold out within two hours. The last customer even bought the sample bowl on the counter. Fast forward to today where Lakrids makes the world love liquorice!

Spoil yourself or someone else with this beautiful box. Experience a Luxury Sparkle perfumed candle paired with Lakrids. High quality chocolate coats fine sweet liquorice

Your bundle contains either two small 125g containers of Lakrids or one 295g container. The choice is yours! Whichever way, it will not be enough. 

For ingredients and allergy details please refer to the Lakrids Website for more information. All Lakrids products are gluten-free as the liquorice is made with rice flour.

The limited edition gift bundles contain: 

Tassin Brut Rosé Bundle
Tassin Brut Rosé Luxury Scented Candle + 1x 295g Mellow Yellow (lemon) Lakrids
Cristian Senez Grande Reserve Bundle
Cristian Senez Grande Reserve Luxury Scented Candle + 1x 125g Mellow Yellow (lemon) Lakrids + 1x 125g Salt and Caramel Lakrids
Jean-Michel Bouchet & Filles Brut Rosé Bundle
Jean-Michel Bouchet & Filles Brut Rosé Luxury Scented Candle 1x 125g Mellow Yellow (lemon) Lakrids + 1x 125g Salt and Caramel Lakrids

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