Luxury Scented Candle & Exquisite Swiss Chocolate Gift Bundle


The Perfect Gift. The limited luxury scented candle and exquisite Swiss chocolate bundle.

Where French perfumed candles meet exquisite Swiss chocolate. A sensory masterpiece.

Spoil yourself or someone else with this beautiful collaboration box. Experience a Luxury Sparkle perfumed candle paired with the Chocolate Library from the Zurich based Oro de Cacao chocolate boutique.

The Chocolate Library contains 5 x 50g tablets of chocolate ranging from 42% white chocolate to 82% dark chocolate. Thanks to the Oro de Cacao worldwide patented extraction process, the four pure elements from the cocoa bean are separated thus composing unique products from white to 82% dark chocolate without any bitterness.

The Chocolate Library includes:
1x Dark 82% Single Origin Ghana
1x Dark 80% Single Origin Dominican Republic
1x Dark 78% Single Origin Peru
1x Milk 60% Single Origin Ghana
1x White 42% Single Origin Ghana

Oro de Cacao products are made with 100% natural ingredients and ethically sourced beans from the world's finest origins. 

The rich flavours of the Oro de Cacao chocolate come completely from the cocoa bean. There are no additional flavours and a fully aromatic, fruity, fairtrade and organic certified chocolate that isn’t dominated by bitterness, even with a high cocoa content, is created.

For ingredients and allergy details please refer to the Oro de Cacao website for more information. 

The limited edition gift bundle contains:

1x Chocolate Library

1x Perfumed Candle with luxurious lid. Select your preferred candle. 

Packaged in a beautiful gift box. Completely ready to be gifted as is.



Price includes VAT within the EU. Additional taxes and duties may apply for countries outside of the EU. 

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