When it comes to candles, there is nothing more cosy than lighting one of your favourites, playing music or snuggling up in front of the television with your favourite drink in hand. The candlelight vibe is definitely something special. 

While candles are typically heralded for the atmosphere, scent, and lighting they bring to a room, many candle connoisseurs don't realise the potential their favourite waxy accents have post-burn. We love this, because it further extends the life of the bottle, it can last forever! What a wonderful and positive impact on the environment. 

Repurpose Empty Candle


Warning: Do not immerse your empty candle in water as this will damage the label. Unless of course you wish to remove the label from the glass form.

  1. Use a spoon or some paper towel and scrape out the wax. You will need to repeat this a few times. The wax is very soft, due to its natural ingredients so this is an easy task.
  2. Once you have removed the wax, use vinegar or a glass spray to polish the inside of the empty candle.
  3. Done! Now you can reuse your empty candle!

Empty Candle Form Repurpose Luxury Candle


Repurposing empty candles can be as low or high maintenance as you want it to be. While empty candle vessels make for great organisers and storage, they can also be turned into everything from planters to vessels for food and drinks.

  1. Use as drinking glasses. The empty candles make the perfect iced tea and iced coffee glasses, cocktail glasses and a few of them look beautiful on a fabulously set table as water glasses. You can leave the labels on or remove them, up to you!
  2. Makeup accessories. Just the perfect height for your makeup brushes, cotton tips, make up remover pads, lipsticks and nail polishes. Three empty candles lined up next to each other on a shelf in the bathroom look beautiful!
  3. Party accessories. Ever stuck for ideas on how to present the napkins and cutlery for your party or picnic? Use the empty candles for this. They are the perfect height and will look super classy, after all, who likes plastic containers!
  4. A vase or a flower pot. The perfect size for a posy! Repot the succulents or the herbs.
  5. For the desk. Store your pens, ruler, scissors and other bits and pieces. Your colleagues will be envious of your stylish desk accessories!
  6. Tea bag and coffee pod canister. A stylish storage solution for your tea and coffee. We suggest only storing tea bags that have separate wrapping!

It always fabulous to see how the empty vessels are repurposed. Feel free to email photos to us or tag us on Instagram. Give your vessel the longest life possible! Shop now to start your empty candle vessel collection.

Luxury Scented Candle


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