We are programmed to check the ingredients of what we consume and apply on a daily basis. From food and drink to body lotions and tanning products. 

We believe that we should be checking the ingredients of most things that surround us! 

It might surprise you to hear that not all candles are created equal. Some materials used are more superior than others. 

So, let's start checking what is contained in the pretty things surrounding us and here are a few tips for you.

Candle Ingredients


It is important to consider what the candle is made of. Soy wax (but we mean soy wax, not soy wax with paraffin and stabilisers), bees wax and coconut wax are all good and sustainable options. 

Did you know that even some soy based candles contain additives like paraffin and other stabilisers? It is always best to check and if you are not sure, always ask the question. Paraffin wax is a petroleum waste product and has to be deodorised and bleached before it can be made in to wax. Crude Oil, being the origin of paraffin wax, is considered highly unsustainable, being a non-renewable resource. Today, you can find paraffin in many different products such as candles, cosmetics, wax paper and polishes. 

Candle Wax


The type of wick used can impact how much soot and smoke is produced and how fast a candle burns. 

There are literally hundreds of different styles and sizes of wicks. The type of wax used in a candle, as well as the candle’s size, shape, colour and fragrance materials all impact wick choice. Selecting the correct wick is critical to making a candle that burns cleanly and properly. Reputable candle manufacturers take great care in selecting a wick of the proper size, shape and material to meet the burn requirements of a particular candle.

Cotton wicks are best for avoiding soot and smoke and are also very safe. 

We use 100% cotton wicks and remember to trim your wick before each burn. If you do nothing else to take care of your candles, at least do this!

Candle Wick


Everyone has their own preference when choosing scents for candles, however it is always good to know what the fragrance is made of.

The aroma from a scented candle is released through the evaporation of the fragrance from the hot wax pool and from the solid candle itself. Like unscented candles, properly formulated scented candles will primarily produce water vapour and carbon dioxide when burned. The only difference is that a fragrance is also released with a scented candle.

Most scented candles contain a combination of natural and synthetic fragrances. These fragrance materials may be derived from essential oils or from synthetic aroma chemicals. A well made candle will contain only fragrance materials approved for candle use; the addition of fragrance to a candle formulation should be carefully monitored to ensure that the candle will burn cleanly and properly.

Luxury Sparkle candles contain an exquisite and original parfum, produced in Grasse, the South of France and the beautiful place known as the parfum capital of the world. The candles are produced alongside some of the biggest and most well known fragrance houses. A specialised 'nose' (perfume artist) has delicately produced our signature fragrance. 

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Hubert de Givenchy