Have you seen the stylish new limited edition accessories that will get more burn from your favourite luxury candles? Produced from stainless steel and gold plated they will look beautiful in your home or make that perfect gift. 

Lighting a candle and filling your space with one of your favourite fragrances is a simple pleasure that gives you the permission to pause, appreciate the moment, and unwind. It's a beautiful ritual, whether you're lighting one on your self love day, making your favourite reading corner feel more cosy or setting that table for a wonderful dinner party.

 Luxury Sparkle Luxury Candle Care Kit

If you are a candle fanatic and aren't using a wick trimmer, it is not too late! It is such an important addition to your candle care as it can easily trim down the wick. This makes the candle burn more evenly (let's say farewell to the tunnelling!), causes the wax to melt slower, reduces the amount of soot and smoke, and most importantly, makes the candles last longer. Of course it is possible to cut the wicks with a regular pair of scissors, but wick trimmers have a long handle suited for trimming even the narrowest of jar candles, and a built in mini tray around the blades to catch the trimmings. Did you know this? Take a close look at the trimmer! 

A candle snuffer is another great accessory for candle lovers to have. They are used to extinguish the flame of a burning candle, without blowing it out. Blowing out candles creates excess smoke and can cause black soot around the candle form, it can also cause the wax to splash, and let's be honest, this isn't the look we are going for!

Wick dippers make it possible to extinguish your candle completely smoke-free.  Wick dippers allow you to dip the wick into the candle wax and move it upright again. You can also use the dipper to remove any debris from the wax and to also move a shifted wick. If you’ve burned your candle on an uneven surface or if it has burned for longer than the recommended 4 hours, your wick can sometimes move. To fix this, extinguish the flame and then carefully push the wick at its exposed base with the dipper. 

If you are shopping for a gift for you or someone else, this set is perfect on its own or in a bundle with a candle of your choice. 
Luxury Sparkle Candle Accessories


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