Limited Edition Luxury Candle Care Kit


Introducing the perfect candle care kit. 


  • Wick Trimmer
  • Candle Snuffer
  • Wick Dipper
  • Tray

Purchase the limited edition Luxury Candle Care Kit and receive a complimentary Candle Snuffer. 

It is always recommended to trim the candle wick to 7mm before each use with scissors or a wick trimmer. If the candle wick is too short the wax may not burn all the way to the edge (causing the candle to tunnel), and if the wick is too long the wick may appear to mushroom causing black soot to form on the glass.

Hold the candle snuffer over the flame / wick and allow it to come in contact with the wax. Hold the snuffer in place for 10 seconds before lifting. The flame will extinguish due to lack of oxygen. Remember to wipe off the wax from the snuffer before its next use.

Like the snuffer, a wick dipper is another easy way to extinguish a flame. Simply use the wick dipper to push the wick over into the pool of melted wax.  This will eliminate most, if not all, of the smoke.  An extra bonus is that you can use the dipper to straighten the wick back into position for its next burn.  


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