Bonjour! I am Kirri, the Founder of Luxury Sparkle. I am so delighted that you are here to discover more about our combination of two of the finest things in life, beautiful wine and stunning candles!
I relocated from Australia to Europe in 2018. After a period of settling in I decided that I wanted to start my own business. I have always been about quality not quantity and two of my most favourite things are fabulous wines and very beautiful candles. I thought there must be a way that we can combine these two things! This way we will reduce waste and create something gorgeous. 
After several visits to wineries on our doorstep here in Europe and holidays in the Champagne region, this sparked the idea of turning these beautiful bottles in to candles. 
I am so happy that we are building Luxury Sparkle, and not only do we offer high quality home fragrance and decor products, but we also host incredible tasting and fine dining events. We would love for you to become a special part of the Luxury Sparkle World and share this journey with us. 
Our bespoke Luxury Sparkle home fragrance pieces are crafted from original champagne and wine bottles. The bottles come directly from each champagne house and winery and are transformed into high quality home fragrance pieces in Grasse, the parfum capital of the world. Let a little piece of our redefined luxury into your life and we hope our candles and diffusers can create beautiful memories for you wherever you are in the world.
I am so grateful that you are here with us. 
Luxury Sparkle Founder