Luxury Parfum Oil Diffuser Refill


Luxury Diffuser Refill Story

Made in France

Transform your Luxury Sparkle candle in to an exquisite fragrance diffuser.

This luxurious parfum oil diffuser is the perfect solution to extend the life of your candle. The beautiful new scent, Célestine, with notes of Rose, Pepper and Tonka Bean will transport you to a place where the finest rose gardens of Grasse meet the sparkling ocean of the Cote d'Azur.

The elegant Luxury Sparkle Parfum Oil Diffusers are inspired by original champagne and French wine bottles. They combine the finest French parfum and the magnificent world of the finest French wine. 

Note that this is a refill only. The empty candle vessel is not sold with this product. Discover the Diffuser + Candle Bundle to receive a candle with your purchase. Enjoy free shipping with the bundle.

Product Features

  • 250ml luxurious parfum diffuser oil
  • Six 23cm natural rattan reeds
  • One exclusively designed gold coloured lid for use with Luxury Sparkle vessels only

The candle forms can be refilled over and over with new Luxury Sparkle Parfum Oil and new reeds.


  • Clean out any remaining wax from the candle form
  • Allow candle form to completely dry
  • Once dry, pour diffuser oil in to the empty vessel
  • Place Luxury Sparkle designed diffuser lid on top of the candle form
  • Unwrap the natural rattan reeds and insert them through the hole in the middle of the diffuser lid
  • Place your diffuser in desired space. If it is a large space use 6 reeds, if it is a smaller space you may find that 4 reeds are enough
When using the diffuser for the first time, let the rattan reeds soak in the vessel in the perfumed oil for approximately 5 hours. After this, turn them over to begin diffusing the fragrance. You can repeat this action several times to reactivate the fragrance diffusion. By doing this it is possible that the diffusing time may be reduced. 
As the perfumed concentrate contains natural raw materials, the color may vary slightly over time without impacting the fragrance.


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